Studying and Sleeping is the Right Mix!

sleeping and studying


You’re getting ready for your final exams and realize that you’ve completely forgotten to review two entire sections that you NEED to know before the exam tomorrow.

Now, you’re anxious and worried, not just about getting through your examination in one piece, but about getting a good result.

Your conclusion:

Sacrifice sleep for the night, I mean, you’ve already neglected sleep for the past four nights. What’s one more really? You’d cram everything you’ve learnt for the past year into your head in a couple of studying hours and everything *fingers crossed* will work out just fine. Sounds familiar?

What if we told you that this is a really unhealthy practice and that sleep is almost just as important to examination success as actually picking up the book to study?

Healthy Sleep is Part of An Overall Healthy Lifestyle. 


We can all agree that sleep is the best thing ever! Not only is it a very relaxing and restorative practice for the body and the brain, it also improves your mood, immunity, productivity and memory.

Additionally, sleep is great for skin! The old adage “make sure and get your beauty sleep” has some scientifically proven truth behind it. When you go to sleep, skin is repaired and replenished and made ready for another day. Every time you take an hour away from healthy sleep, it’s going to show up on your face.

Healthy Sleep Improves Brain Function and Memory

brain health

Studies show that when we’re deprived of sleep, REM sleep in particular, it can impair brain functions from simple memory recall to more complex problem solving. How is difficulty in understanding going to be helpful in an exam? And slower social processing would be most unhelpful in a long, important business meeting.

So make your bedtime routine the best part of your day. During a healthy sleep cycle, you give your brain time to organise short-term and long-term memories and register new thoughts which is key to learning new information. Also, you just can’t learn efficiently if you’re sleep deprived because you’re focusing all your brain power on simply staying awake.

Healthy Sleep begins with Melatonin

Your body naturally produces melatonin to help regulate its internal clock and sleep-wake cycles. So when night-time comes and melatonin levels rise, lights out should really mean lights out.

However, not everybody produces adequate levels of melatonin, and even those who do – won’t always have ideal levels due to many external factors.

For those who require an extra nudge, Natrol’s Melatonin, available at pharmacies nationwide, will help your body produce suitable amounts of melatonin to maintain that healthy sleep cycle. It comes in a great-tasting, strawberry flavour and as a fast-acting, fast dissolve tablet that melts in the mouth. No water necessary! It’s perfect for those that have a hard time with swallowing pills and capsules.

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